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If you know of some math links or just some fun sites that I can post on this page, please email me at .

  • Math Games - This site has many math games for all subjects
  • - This site has great well organized videos for all math and science subject. Organized by textbooks.
  • Computing Technology for Math Excellence is devoted to the standards movement and integrating technology into teaching and learning and in K-12 mathematics and calculus. Find software and sites for basic skills, problem solving, homework assistance, games/simulations, virtual manipulatives, project-based learning, standardized testing, technology integration, multimedia development, web design, math initiatives, math methodology, professional development, research, and news, including No Child Left Behind and the Common Core State Standards initiative. Accessibility resources are included.
  • - She has some math videos that might help you.
  • WolframAlpha - Solve any math problem you want with this. It makes a lot of really cool connections as well.
  • - Get help with any math subject.
  • - Learn math by listening to songs.
  • ELM Practice problems - Entry Level Mathematics problems to get ready for the ELM Exam.
  • Math Diagnostic Test - College Placement Exam practice online.
  • EAP Information - Early Assessment Program can give you "exempt" status on the ELM Exam.
  • Math Puzzles - Here you will find some mathematical thinking puzzles.
  • Sudoku - Print off free Sudoku puzzles.
  • Optical Illusion - Here you will find tons of different types of optical illusions.
  • Magic Eye - If you look at these pictures in the correct way, you will see another picture pop off the screen.
  • Interactive Math -
  • Graph Paper - Print out some graph paper if you want to.
  • Online Graphing Calculator - I use this to make graphs for my tests all the time.
  • Desmos - Online Graphing Calculator

COS Math Placement Test Links
Awesome Studyguide - Practice Tests on COS website

Try to figure this out!!

Great website for math help!!!

Illusion Web site

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