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Name:  Brad Robb

Teach: Presently teach Algebra 2 and AP Calculus AB at El Diamante High School in Visalia, CA. I have also recently taught Algebra 1 and CAHSEE Math.

College:  Walden University; MS in Education with and Emphasis in Technology, Fresno Pacific University; Teacher Education and BS in Teaching Mathematics.

Married: We have two beautiful daughters.

Church:  Grace Community Church

Sports Played:  Basketball, Baseball, Football, and all other types of recreational sports.

Hobbies: I play softball, basktetball, disc golf, ultimate frisbee, and board games when I have the chance.

Favorite Foods:  Pizza, Tacos, Gummi Bears, and Homemade Ice Cream

Favorite Movie:  Courageous

Favorite Radio Station:  Spirit 88.9

Favorite Subject:  Math

Miscellaneous Facts:  My wife and I help with the high school youth group at our church.  I played college basketball.  I am 6 7.  I help with the Christian Club on campus.  I grew up in Fresno.  I have been teaching since August of 1999.  During summer of 2004 I backpacked from Mineral King to the Whitney Portal (60.8 miles) with 10 other men from my church.  I went paragliding in the Swiss Alps.  During my honeymoon, my wife and I went skydiving. On February 18th 2006, myself and two friends built and igloo and slept in it.







My mission is to empower all students to become successful in this math course.  I am a teacher who believes I can teach all students math if they seriously apply themselves.  Mathematics is a demanding subject and if students give up when it is tough, they will not find success.  All students must persevere through these hard times and as a teacher I will do all that I can to help them through those times of struggle.  I understand that I have high expectations and some students will not like this, however I believe this is imperative.  As a teacher, I will never stop learning and developing new ways to reach students.  Please help me stay accountable to my mission.                                

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