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AP Calculus AB - AP Exam Resources
I have hundreds of Calculus Videos on (Channel: RobbWorld) Check them out!

Great AP Calculus AB Exam Review
This was made by Stu Schwartz. His website is
Here is a link to it in a list format. Organized & Random

AP Central - All the past AP Exams and Scoring Guidlines
Student Friendly Version

CollegeBoard - Listing of Past AP Exams & the Course Description

1969-1998 AP Exams - Good way to practice multiple choice problems

AP Calculus FRQ Index - This Excel File allows you to search through all of the FRQs by topics. The link is in the middle of the AP Central page.

AP Exam Prep Ideas - What to watch out for on the AP Exam

Ask Mr Calculus - Past AP Exam Solutions

AP Exam Study Guide - Created by Elaine Cheong

Great 2nd Semester Review and AP Exam Review
by Mrs Shak from Valley Christian High School

AP Exam Free Response Question Topic Overviews with Videos
Motion of a Particle

Notes (Blank Copy)
Analysis of Graphs

Notes (Blank Copy)
Mr. Robb's Tips for the AP Calculus AB Exam - PDF - Video 1 - Video 2
Past Years AP Exam Free Response Question Videos
2003 Question 6
Piece-Wise Graph
2003 Free Response Problem 2: a, b, c, d
2011 Question 1 - Speed Increasing/Decreasing, Average Velocity, Total Distance Traveled, Changing Direction
2010B Question 4 - Changing Direction, Maximum Distance, Total Distance, Writing Equation
2010B Question 6 - Direction of a Particle, Speeding Up/Down, Average Distance Between Particles

2010 Question 1 - Real Life Piece-Wise

2010 Question 3 - Real Life Graph Analysis
2010 Question 5 - Graph Analysis
Pictures of the following problems - Videos on YouTube

Question 1 a & b , c & d
Question 2 a & b , c & d
Question 3 a , b & c
Question 4 a & b , c & d
Question 5
Question 6

2008 (Form B)
Question 1
Questions 3 a & b , c & d
Question 4
Question 5 a & b , c & d
Question 6

Question 2 a & b , c

2007 (Form B)
Question 2

SPARK NOTES - Practice multiple choice exam online

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game

Student Web Site

Millionaire - Derivatives

Graphing Calculator Programs (
Trapezoid Rule
Area Under Curve (Left, Right, or Midpoint)
Slopefield Grapher
Mean Value Theorem

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