Unit 6 – Trigonometric

YouTube Playlist for Unit 6

PowerPoint Presentations

Standard Position Radians and Coterminal Angles

Converting Degrees to Radians and Radians to Degrees

The Unit Circle – Desmos – GeoGebra – Game

Solving Basic Trig Equations

Reciprocal Trig Functions

Graphing Sinusoidal Functions

Graphing Tangent Functions

Modeling Trig Functions

Graphing Reciprocal Trig Functions

What is a radian?

HW 6.1 Radians –  Examples 

HW 6.2 Unit Circle – Examples

Quiz 3 – Examples – Video

Unit Circle Quiz – Practice Problems

Connecting the Unit Circle to the Sine Graph

Connecting the Unit Circle to the graphs – Desmos

Desmos Graphing Sine and Cosine Activity

Connecting the Unit Circle to the Tangent Graph

Quiz 4 – ExampleVideo

Desmos Graphing Cosecant and Secant Activity

Recognizing all 6 Trigonometric Functions