Unit 3 – Exponential & Logarithmic

Evaluating Logarithms & Exponents

Graphing Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

Quiz 5 – Graphing Logarithms

Solving & Writing Exponential Equations & Inequalities

Quiz 6 – Solving & Writing Exponential Equations

Properties of Logarithms


Extra Topics

Unit 3 Test Review

Unit 3 PowerPoint Presentations

Evaluating Logs and Exponents

Graphing Exponential Functions

Graphing Logarithmic Functions – Video on a quick way to graph logarithms

Solving Exponential Equations and Inequalities

Writing Exponential Equations and Inequalities

Expanding and Condensing of Logarithms

Writing Inverses and Rewriting Functions

Geometric Series

Unit 3 Quizzes

Quiz 5 – Notes Video

Quiz 6 – Notes Video

Desmos Resources and Activities

Move the sliders on Desmos to better understand Exponential Graphs and  Logarithmic Graphs and Inverse Functions

Desmos Activities: Logarithmic & Exponential Polygraph Exponential Card SortExponential Marble Slide

Investment Project – Desmos

Unit 3 Homework

Graphing Homework Solutions

Unit 3 Test Review

Unit 3 Test Review – Solutions – Video