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AP Central – Past AP Exams Free Response Questions
I really like the Scoring Guidelines and Student Performance Q&A
2012 AP Calculus AB Released Practice Exam

  • Mr. Robb’s Tips for the AP Calculus AB Exam – PDFVideo 1Video 2
  • Great AP Calculus Exam FRQ Review (Graph Analysis) – VideoSolutions
  • Great AP Calculus Exam FRQ Review (Motion of a Particle) – VideoSolutions

  • “When you see the words … This is what you think of doing” worksheets by Stu Schwartz. Organized & Random (On the next page, just click submit/download.  You don’t need to put in your info)  His website is www.mastermathmentor.com
  • 1969-1998 AP Exams – This is not the complete document, and many
    problems are outdated, but 1997 and 1998 could help.
  • AP Calculus FRQ Index – This Excel File allows you to search through all of the FRQs by topics. The link is in the middle of the AP Central page.
  • AP Exam Prep Ideas – What to watch out for on the AP Exam
  • Ask Mr Calculus – Past AP Exam Solutions
  • AP Exam Study Guide – Created by Elaine Cheong

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